CIL Combat
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Request for Reinforcement
Both Attacker and Defender can select nearby armies with available Action Points and will be reinforced from them during the course of the battle. The rules for reinforcement can be found in the walkthrough.

The Defender can declare an intention to retreat, which is handled in that same manner as a declaration during battle.

Determine Micro Terrain
Battles take place in an abstracted environment based on the terrain where the two armies are located. Each Combat Area is considered to have a specific micro-terrain type, randomly decided based on the terrain where the army is located.

Determine Micro-Weather
As with micro-terrain, the weather that affects a battle is randomly determined, based on the season during which the battle takes place.

Legal Moves

Explanation of Legal Moves

Combat Areas

Explanation of Combat Areas


Determination of Micro-Terrain


Explanation of Reinforcement

Cast Iron Life is an Oilbased game