CIL Diplomacy
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National Prestige
National Prestige (NP) represents how well a nation is seen to conduct itself, and how important that nation is seen to be by the rest of the world. Winning wars, achieving national goals, and acting in an honourable fashion are the sort of actions which will increase a nation’s NP. Losing wars, failing to achieve national goals, and behaving in an unacceptable fashion (eg declaring wars without just cause, invading or attacking without declarations of war) are the sort of actions which will decrease a nation’s NP.

Military Prestige
Military Prestige (MP) represents how powerful a nation’s military is, and the quality of its military tradition. A nation with a large (or particularly powerful), modern military, with a proud history of military victories, would have high MP. A nation with a small, backwards military, with a history of humiliating defeats, would have low MP.

Economic Prestige
Economic Prestige (EP) represents the manufacturing, and trading capabilities of a nation, or at least how other nations perceive those capabilities. A nation with a large (or particularly powerful) economy, with more modern financial institutions (eg stock markets), and natural resources, would have high EP. A nation barren of natural resources, with a primitive economy, would have low EP.

Relationship Set
Each nation has a set consisting of relationships with each other nation. A relationship is a pair of values – a nation’s name or ID, and a quality value. The nation’s name or ID is that pair’s key. Each nation, therefore, has a set of n relationship pairs (where n is the number of other nations), in which no key occurs more than once. A relationship’s quality value is either Hate, Dislike, Hostile, Indifference, Friendly, Like, or Love. It describes how a nation feels towards the nation described by the relationship.

Levels of National Prestige:
0 NP – Nations with 0 NP are viewed as almost non-entities. At the start of CIL’s time frame, nations made of native peoples in much of the world would likely have 0 NP.
< 10 NP – Nations with less than 10 NP are viewed as jokes, with nothing worthwhile to offer the rest of the world.
10 to 100 NP – Nations with between 10 and 100 NP are either viewed as scum, upstarts, or dependents on truly great powers. They are typically dominions of great powers or rogue states.
100 to 1000 NP – Most nations have between 100 and 1000 NP.
> 1000 NP – Nations with over 1000 NP are typically viewed as great powers.

Levels of Military Prestige:
0 MP – Nations with 0 MP either have no military tradition or even a military, or with primitive military technology (pre-gunpowder). Many “primitive” nations would have 0 MP.
< 10 MP – Nations with less than 10 MP have negligible militaries and unimpressive military histories, or have militaries which are significantly less advanced than those of other nations.
10 to 100 MP – Nations with between 10 and 100 MP may have a significant military tradition or level of advancement, but a negligible actual military, or a backwards but significant military. A new nation without any history of military successes may fall into this range even if they have a modern and significant military.
100 to 1000 MP – Most nations have between 100 and 1000 MP.
> 1000 MP – Nations with over 1000 MP are viewed as great military powers.
Levels of Economic Prestige:
0 EP – Nations with 0 EP are basically deserts, devoid of any useful natural resources, any markets, with no income to speak of. No practical nations have 0 EP.
< 10 EP – Nations with less than 10 EP are little more than small markets for bigger nations, or have a primitive economy based entirely around the production of one thing.
10 to 100 EP – Nations with between 10 and 100 EP may have poor financial institutions and markets but abundant resources, or vice-versa.
100 to 1000 EP – Most nations have between 100 to 1000 EP.
> 1000 EP – Nations with more than 1000 EP are economic powerhouses, which are possibly entirely self-sufficient, and in fact produce an excess to be exported.


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