CIL Diplomacy
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Each nation has a personality attribute, which is used by the AI to determine how non-player countries should behave. Each nation has a primary personality, and it may have a secondary personality. The personality attribute of a nation is fairly static, changed only by scenarios, or events like changing of governments.

Personalities of Nations in CIL Alpha Scenario:
United States
Primary Personality: Desperate
Secondary Personality:

Confederate States
Primary Personality: Belligerent
Secondary Personality: Desperate

Great Britain (Canada)
Primary Personality: Imperial
Secondary Personality: Prudent

France (Mexico)
Primary Personality: Belligerent
Secondary Personality: Imperial

Personality Types
Belligerent The nation is aggressive, or itches for a fight. It is generally eager to get involved in a combat which suits its national interests. It is most interested in increasing its MP.
Desperate The nation sees itself as in great peril. It will fight until the end in any war, and will expand as much resources as it requires in order to survive.
Imperial The nation is interested in the affairs of the whole world, not just their spheres of influence. The nation focuses on empire building and maintenance. It is loathe to take actions which will give it an NP penalty.
Prudent The nation prefers not to involve itself in wars. It will usually only declare war as a result of an ally going to war, or against nations whose MP suggests an easy and fast victory can be obtained. Otherwise, it will only fight defensive wars, and is loathe to commit any more military forces than absolutely necessary.

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