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Cast Iron Life is a simulation of the world during one of its most tumultuous periods, from 1850 to 1950. It's an open-source project, it may contain some 3D elements and, though it bears some resemblance to 4X games like Master of Orion and Civilization, it is primarily a wargame.

If you think you can help, drop us a line in the forum, otherwise look around, play with the Map Editor, and play backseat game designer.

Download the Editor here:
CIL Map Editor v.11

And some more attractive terrain textures here:
Satellite Terrain Pack

And tell us how great it sounds, or how you could do better here .

Cast Iron Light
Bored? Got a big color printer, or know somebody at Kinko's? Then try out the board-game version of CIL. It's Cast Iron Light, with:
Less units (7 vs. about 300)
Less regions
Less nations (Only the Union and Confederacy)
Less rules (Don't worry, there are more coming)
No accessories (Find some miniatures, scavenge your Axis and Allies
No website (yet)
Tactical Combat Mechanics
Diplomatic Mechanics
Early Walkthrough
Bulk Media

Source Code CIL Map Editor v.11
Satellite Terrain Pack


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3D thru Blender

Cast Iron Life is an Oilbased game